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Career Coach London

I help talented people to work out what their best next move is and how to make that move successfully.

I initially worked with Jenny over four years ago, with outstanding results - 2 job offers in quick succession.  I recently worked with her again; she helped me to develop a strategy and positioning for three different roles. She works with you to clearly articulate your fit for each role and challenges to ensure your responses are as robust as possible.
She is the difference that makes the difference.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Board Director, Technology

The challenge with job hunting is that it is a completely different skill to what most of us are paid to do, and one we do not use very often. Combined with a competitive marketplace, it can be hard for talented people to stand out.

I understand what the person wants, how to present themselves… and not be a cardboard cut out of the next person, in order to stand out. In short, why them.

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Do You Want To Plan Your Next Best Move?

Then lets go, a Next Best Move coaching session. This one off session is tailored to you, perhaps you want to workout:

What Is Included In The Next Best Move Coaching Session?

Jenny has been instrumental in improving my own personal story telling and boosting my self confidence for interviews. We did a deep dive throughout my past experience, identified and framed my key achievements that led to a set of unique transferable skills that I could display convincingly to headhunters and interviewers.
Jenny has the rare talent of getting to know you so that you can bring the best of you for your next professional challenge.

Head of Marketing, FMCG

Jenny's help was tremendous during the entire job-hunting period.
She prepared me very well for everything; including building up a confident and well-structured CV, preparing for interviews and above all, helping me work out what I wanted to achieve in my career. Her psychological support during the whole process was incredible.
She literally kept me going at the times when I wanted to give up. I got not one, but several job offers and, more than that, a true next move in my career.
This would not have happened without Jenny.

Business Director, Entertainment