I am a highly experienced executive coach and consultant. I am passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations deliver and reach their full potential, whilst ensuring we enjoy the crazy world of work that we live in. We spend way too much time here not to.

I help people and organisations to think clearly removing the internal and external interferences that can cloud the quality of our thinking. When our thinking becomes clear it helps us to grow. In business, our thinking is our product; it is what we sell. I believe that for organisations to be truly successful they need to help to create the conditions to enable people’s thinking to thrive . As individuals, we need to do the same.

My clients include L’Oreal, Cambridge University, News UK and WPP, to name just a few. Prior to coaching I held senior roles as a marketer, so I understand the challenges people working in industry face. Put simply: I get it.


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Pause and think about:

  • What is your definition of leadership?
  • How would your team rate your performance against this definition?
  • What is preventing you from being even more successful?
  • Businesses grow when their leaders are growing. How are you managing your own growth?
  • How can you create the conditions to enable your team’s thinking and performance to thrive?

When we stop, ask questions and think, we get clarity. We grow, and success follows.

If you would like to discuss any of this, I would love to talk to you, and can be contacted at jenny@jennywilliamscoaching.co.uk or +44 7984 762002.